Jiangsu Yongchang New Energy Science and Technology 

Co., Ltd was established in 2010. Located at gaoqiao,

houxiang, Danbei town, Danyang City in Jiangsu Province, 

it has floor space above 30,000 square meter, construction

area 7000 square meter and total investment RMB 50 million.

Diagrammatic Sketch
  • Photovoltaic solar energy series of lithium battery
  • Fire security equipment of lithium battery
  • Sightseeing cars, scooters lithium battery
  • 3D game consoles, portable lithium battery
  • Robot, medical equipment of lithium battery
  • Electric vehicle lithium battery shell series
  • Elevator, climbing equipment for lithium battery
  • Power energy storage lithium battery
  • Aluminum die casting

Online Service 
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